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Three youths touched by the words “and some seed fell on good soil, and when it grew, it produced fruit a hundredfold” (Lk 8,8)  began deepening on the Word of God and ended up starting a movement called the BSYG (Bible Sharing Youth Group).

It was on the feast day of the Exaltation of the Cross of 2012 that Anthony Nogoy, Jayson Loba and Rafriel Mico Ocampo understood the importance of deepening in the Word of God and of basking in His love. They sought the guidance of Cid Ocampo, Redgie Aguila & Emma Dumaraos, credible adults who supported them all the way. Since these elders were not really equipped for Bible Study, they opted to begin with Bible Sharing.

They were comfortably hosted in the home of Emma Dumaraos. But as the youth participants dramatically increased in number, they could no longer be contained in a house. The Spirit blows where it wills and, almost without effort, a place much bigger than a house was offered them. Today, the BSYG meets regularly every Saturday at 2 p.m. in Pastor Angelicus school, welcomed by the Little Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, through Suor Ellen Carrillo.

The BSYG is a youth movement independent of affiliation to any Filipino community. It welcomes youths of any race, color or creed and leads them to discover the richness of God’s Word.


Although membership in the BSYG mostly comes from the Filipino Community of San Lorenzo, it also embraces youths from other Filipino communities and even other religious denominations. The fluctuating attendance goes to a high of seventy (70) youths, but those that come more regularly number about forty (40).

Leadership is exercised as “primus inter pares.” There is not anyone lording it over the others, but there is a group that manages the BSYG. This managing group is called the “Equipe Youth.” Among them we can identify the following youths: Anthony Nogoy, Rafriel Mico Ocampo,  Jayson Loba, Von Joseph Lat, Joan  Quion, and Cyra Lleva. This Equipe Youth is supported by the “Equipe Elders,” among them we have Bro. Cid Ocampo, Sis Emma Dumaraos, Sis. Racquel Legaspi and Suor Ellen Carrillo.

Duties and Responsibilities

The BSYG  takes to heart the evangelization challenge of St. Pope John Paul II — “the best apostles of the youth are the youth themselves …”  Thus the BSYG invites and gathers all the lost sheep (the youth, especially those not frequenting the Church or are outside the Church), and brings them back to the sheepfold.

The BSYG seriously takes the evangelization challenge of Pope Francis  — “to go to the peripheries and proclaim the Gospel with joy (Evangelii Gaudium, 20).

Significant Contribution to FCSL

The most significant contribution of the BSYG to the FCSL is the full support that it is giving to the programs of the FCSL. Most of the BSYG youth participate in FCSL activities.

Some active and responsible BSYG members also became leaders of various committees in FCSL Pastoral Council and others serve as ministers of the altar.

Lay Empowerment

If there is something that BSYG members can be proud of, it is the empowerment that is oozing in their blood. The BSYG youth is self-driven. They know what to do and they do it the best they could. They are an evangelizing force giving testimonies on how the Word of God touches their lives, inviting other youths to join them, seeking guidance from qualified speakers and lecturers. All the members also take turns leading the weekly BS encounter, leading them to overcome shyness in front of other people. It is very obvious that even without any formal leadership courses, they are learning it by doing it — a real on-the-job training. Lately, they are seriously taking a formation course on Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation “The Joy of the Gospel.” This formation course will further their empowerment in the evangelical sphere.

25th Anniversary Wish for FCSL

The BSYG is very happy that FCSL is celebrating its 25th Anniversary and is very grateful to be recognized as an entity distinct from FCSL. It is the BSYG’s wish that we can work together and support each other especially as we both deepen our knowledge and love for God, invite more youths especially the unChurched and deChurched and bring them back to God.