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Origins of the FCSL Choir

Originally known as the FCGM (Filipino Choral Group of Milan), the FCSL Choir marks 1989 as its birth year. The choral group could be considered as a direct fruit of the Euro-Santacruzan that was held that year. Fifteen of those involved in the Euro-Santacruzan were inspired to bond together and sing in parochial masses. One of those pioneers, Ms. Finy Alvarado Jose is very fortunate to see through thirty-two years of the Filipino Community of san Lorenzo (FCSL). After 32 years, she is still serving in the FCSL Choir.

It was the FCGM that sparked the idea of celebrating Sunday Masses in Tagalog. And thru the initiative of Ms. Bisquera, the parish priest of the Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore, Corso Porta Ticinese, welcomed the Filipinos. On the 29th day of October 1989, the last Sunday of October, Fr. Emil Santos travelled all the way from Rome, in order to start a worshipping community. In the beginning there were monthly masses, then once every two weeks, until the Tagalog Mass became a regular Sunday feature for Filipinos in Milan.

The FCGM became the primary animators for this Mass. The group of people that regularly comes for this Tagalog mass gradually became the Filipino Community of San Lorenzo. Some years later, the FCGM decided to adopt the name of the community that it so lovingly serves. So the FCGM became the FCSL Choir.

Membership during Silver FCSL Anniversary (2014)

The FCSL Choir is currently composed of twenty-three (23) dedicated members that lead the community in singing praises to God. The ones that sing the highest notes are the Sopranos Cirila Baybayan, Mhyline Siman. Matet Baldeo, Juliet De Leon, Marcela Azupardo, Zelin Jose, Maribeth Yala, and Jhen Dela Cruz. The countermelody is provided by the Altos Finy Jose, Gloria Anquilo, Jasmin Tropicales, and Sherwin Katigbak. The male voices are provided by the Tenors Brian De Leon, Arnel Sado, Domingo Peren, and Romeo Capuno. The solid Bases are Arman Duldulao, Alejandro Hernandez, Rene Tayag, and Rene Yala.

The musicality of the FCSL Choir is being maintained by their Musical Directress Arleen Alminanza and their music masters Brandon Sagucio and Cris dela Cruz.

Duties and Responsibilities

The FCSL Choir offers the community the service of uplifting the minds and hearts of people through its lively heavenly music. The community depends on the FCSL Choir for the musical animation of its Masses and other liturgical and para-liturgical activities. This seemingly simple task actually demands a lot from the FCSL Choir members. First, the choir director makes sure that the line-up of songs for the celebration are appropriate and inspiring. Then, the FCSL Choir masters its renditions through intensive weekly practices.  In the end, it is the people of God that benefits whenever the FCSL Choir comes up with a truly harmonious singing complete with dynamics and expressions.

Lay Empowerment in the FCSL Choir

It is not only the people of God who listen to the FCSL Choir that benefits. The FCSL Choir members themselves are the first ones to benefit from being inside the group. Opportunities for leadership roles are never wanting through the various FCSL Choir activities, like rehearsals, formation sessions, and retreats & recollections. Each FCSL Choir member is groomed to be confident public communicators through their singing, praying, and interpersonal rapport. The Choir Director/Directress has been attentive to individual differences within the group and taps the giftedness of each one for the benefit of the choir in particular and the larger FCSL community in general.

2014 - 25th Anniversary Wish for FCSL

We are perhaps one of the groups that have a history longer than that of the FCSL itself. During this 25th anniversary year of FCSL, the FCSL Choir wishes to joyfully continue lifting hearts, minds, and souls through its spirited singing during liturgical and paraliturgical activities. We wish to inspire all members of the church community to share the love of Christ with everyone they meet and to joyfully spread the Gospel into the world.