Missionaries of Mary Mother of the Poor

Brief History

On the 16th of February 2007, the former healing priest, the late Fr. Fernando Suarez organized the Missionaries of Mary, Mother of the Poor (MMMP) Milan Chapter at the house of Ms. Mylene Manigbas. He appointed Ms. Marina Bautista as the first Coordinator. After more than a year, at the end of June 2008, the role of Coordinator was passed to Mr. Leonardo Cabrera, which he continues to hold to date.

Through the initiative of Ms. Joy Toledo, the Home Visitation on Saturdays was started. This is a modified Block Rosary where the statue of Mary, Mother of the Poor stays in a home for a week. The practice began on the 12th of October 2007 and the first home visitation was made on Mr. Ariel Surla. Anyone can request to have the Blessed Mother to visit their house. It is in this way that the MMMP remained intact and grew. We have experienced the love of God, we felt nourished spiritually, and we have grown in our faith.

Every first Sunday of the month, the MMMP makes a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Caravaggio. This is an hour’s drive from Milan.  This is among the many ways the MMMP return praise, worship, and gratitude to God.


All the officers of MMMP were appointed by Fr. Suarez during his 2007 Milan visit. The Coordinator is in the person of Bro. Leonardo Cabrera Jr. Assisting him are the Secretary–Sis. Madelene dela Cruz, the Treasurer–Precy Veluya, the Auditor–Eric Tamayo, the Prayer Intercessor–Jocelyn Toledano, and the Communication Officers–Roberto Alday, Edison Topacio, and Elena Hernandez.

The MMMP currently counts 35 active members and 25 auxiliary members who are actually missionaries fashioned after the heart of Fr. Suarez.

Duties and Responsibilities

The MMMP assists Fr. Fernando Suarez whenever he holds Healing Masses here in Milan. They help him secure the venue and organize the people who need his healing charism.

We also help the poor in the Philippines and supports the seminarians of the MMMP through the selling of CDs, DVDs, rosaries, and other religious items, and then sending the proceeds to the Philippines.

We also pursue intercessory prayers for the special intentions of those who request our prayers. We use the social media to inform our members about prayer requests that reach us.

We take the Home Visitations as occasions to spread the word of God and teach the home owners how to pray the Holy Rosary. 

Our pilgrimages to Caravaggio and other nearby churches nurture our faith in God and enhance our fellowship as a community.

Lay Empowerment

Lay Empowerment is enhanced by our ability to manage our affairs on our own. Our Spiritual directors have given us a charge to preach the Word of God.

And our MMMP preachers have taken that to heart by preparing themselves diligently for every preaching opportunity. They do this by a) attending a regular Bible Study Course given every Thursday at the San Domenico Savio Church by Fr. Noel Osial, b) daily tuning in to Radio Veritas 6pm-8pm, c) reading the Holy Bible, d) attending Masses, and e) navigating to credible religious websites

Significant Contribution of the MMMP to FCSL

The MMMP is very open to whatever help (financial, manpower, or time) that is requested of us by the FCSL. We are very happy to be of service also to the FCSL.