A bit of history

The preferential option for the poor, promoted so much by the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines (PCP II), is mirrored in the Socio-cultural Committee’s socially and culturally oriented programs and activities. The ultimate goal of the Socio-cultural Committee is social transformation, both within the community of FCSL and also outside its confines.

Programs like “Ambagan-Bulkan” and “Abot-Kamay” has helped thousands of our countrymen who lives were literally devastated by natural calamities like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and storms ever growing in intensity and fury.

Side-by-side with these are the cultural programs organized by the Socio-cultural Committee that highlights and values Philippine culture so that it can be appreciated both by the Italians and the 2nd generation Filipinos born here in Italy.

The first Socio Cultural Committee in 1991 was manned by Mr. Jhonel Castillo and Mr. Bong Dizon.

Grand Picnic Boscoincittà

This annual picnic participated in by all Sister Communities ofr FCSL, FCGS, and FCSD is a potluck afair. Pinoy style BBQ is a must for this gathering. It is normally held at the 2nd Sunday of September.

Duties and Responsibilities

As mentioned above, the Socio-cultural Committee takes charge of activities that celebrate Filipino culture and traditions. It also promotes activities that make the FCSL look beyond itself and see how the community can help those in need, especially our countrymen beset by various types of calamities.

Abot-Kamay (Milano-to-theVisayas Project)

The Abot-kamay project was a branchild of the FCSL. The immediate response to the devastation wrought by supertyphoon Yolanda to the Visayas was to help. All the Filipino Communities in Milan were invited for a special Mass where prayers for the victims were offered. An awareness campagin was launched where Volunteers were lining up the Piazzas of Milan asking people to help our compatriots at home. All sorts of help of welcome — cash, kind, prayers, services! What ever is offered is treasured. That campagin resulted in an initial collection of food, clothes, and other materials that filled up 350 Balikbayan boxes in a 20-foot container bound for Cebu, Leyte & Samar. The shipment left Milan on November 27, 2013. The initial cash donations amounted to 8,000 Euros. This amount was wired to Bishop Precioso Cantillas of Maasin, Samar. The response from everyone and everywhere was simply overwhelming.

Composition in the pastoral year 2013-2015

It is currently composed of two (2) Heads—Ms. Czarina Lleva and Mr. Romar Oba and eight (8) members—Ms. Jinna Marasigan, Mr. Patz Raceliz, Ms. Maureen Encarnacion, Mr. Angelo Nogoy, Ms. Camae Equiz, Ms. Gem Quiroz, Ms. Crishel Repatacodo, and Ms. Sarah Mae Ros Nueca

Significant Contributions to FCSL

The Socio Cultural Committee contributes to FCSL a training in openness and sensitivity to social realities brought about by the various disaster response programs it advocates.

The Committee also increases the confidence level of FCSL member by acknowledging, showcasing, and tapping the skills, talents and giftedness of each one thru the cultural programs it organizes.

Cultural Activities

Beauty Pageants like “The Search for Mr. & Ms. Valentine” and “The Search for Little Mr. & Ms. Philippines” provide avenues for showcasing Filipino Culture in the performing arts and appreciating home-grown beauties.

The Paskong Pinoy has become a Christmas Tradition in Milan.

Lay Empowerment

The Socio-cultural Committee feels it has been empowered enough by the community. It is very grateful for the trust afforded it. We have become self-driven and highly motivated to bring out our best in all the endeavours expected of us.

FCSL participates in Phiippine Independence Day Celebrations in Milan.

Wish for 25 years of FCSL

We are thankful for 25 years of FCSL and we look forward to serving the community more by coming up with new programs that go beyond dole outs in our disaster response mechanisms and by adhering to a very high level of professionalism in our cultural programs.