Missionary Families
of Christ

The Missionary Families of Christ (MFC) is a Catholic evangelistic and missionary community committed to become families empowered by the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth.

Its mission is to strive for holiness of life, as the members commit to renew the temporal order through their work with the poor, their work for justice, and their work for life.

They are servants of the Church, working to renew her children through every generation throughout the world, until the Lord returns once again.

Their core values decribe who they are and what they are called to do in the world. They provide parameters and constant guideposts in their moving on in life and mission.

MFC adheres to a set of beliefs and ideals from which flow its christian attitudes, values and behavior, as well as its programs, teachings, and approaches to christian renewal within the context of family relationships.

The community is consecrated to the Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary.

MFC found itself in Milan in year 2007, is at present 160 strong and is growing very fast.