A little bit of history

The adage “No man is so poor that he can give nothing. No man is so rich that he does not need anything” serves as an inspiration for the Temporalities Committee for developing mechanisms that will generate, develop, and mobilize funds to support the temporal needs of FCSL. Although FCSL believes in Divine Providence, it also believes that “God helps those who help themselves.” That is why the Temporalities Committee had been very creative in its task of fund-raising.

Ms. Cora Castillo and Ms. Virginia Reyes, the very first members of the Temporalities Committee formed in 1991, had tried it all: Pilgrimages, excursions, raffle draws. The expert financial management skills of succeeding Temporalities Committee members has never left the community in the red.

Raffle Draws are among the traditional ways that the Temporalities Committee employs to generate for the community the muc needed funds. Here is Mr. Rany Perdon facilitating a Raffle DRaw duting the 2009 Paskong Pinoy celebration.


The Temporalities Committee also assumes responsibility for accounting, usage, and safekeeping of all the movable goods of the community. In the spirit of poverty, repairs and maintenance is part of their task. And the purchasing of whatever goods may be needed by the community is also within the scope of their duties.  Owing to the reports it periodically gives to the community, the Temporalities Committee had maintained transparency in all its transactions.

October 21, 2012. Pilgrimage to Rome – The FCSL was present at Piazza San Pietro in Rome when Blessed Pedro Calungsod was canonized a Saint by Pope Benedict XVI. The tipe with all its logistics was organized by the Temporalities Committee.

Composition Pastoral Year 2013-2015

The temporalities committee is currently headed by Mr. Romeo Capuno and Ms.  Connie Manipol. They are being assisted in their tasks by Mr. Brian de Leon, Ms. Jasmin Tropicales, Ms. Mhylene Siman, Mr. Joel Salinel, and Mr. Jonathan Mitra.

Monthly Pilgrimage to the Santuario di Santa Maria del Fonte in Caravaggio. Organized by the Temporalities Committee, the primary scope of the pilgrimage is to help propagate devotion to Mary.

Significant Contributions to FCSL

It goes without saying that no evangelization program can proceed without the needed financial muscle. We believe that the Temporalities Committee provided and continues to provide enough financial muscles to support the programs of the Community.

FCSL @ 25

As the European financial crisis is not nearing its end anytime soon, the Temporalities Committee is looking forward to finding ever creative means of delivering the funds necessary to make our evangelization efforts a reality.

Here are some of the Pilgrimages organized by the Temporalities Committee

Lourdes, France

Basilica of Mary Help of Christians, Valdocco, Turin. FCSL took time to visit the Motherhouse of the Salesian Society. They had Mass at the Pinadi Chapel and venerated the remains of St. John Bosco found inside the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians.