Launching of Fiesta Señor 2023

After weeks of planning, practices, and community drama, the launch date for the Fiesta Senor 2023 celebrations finally came. And the FCSL Volunteers are the first to promote an awareness campaign of our love for the Santo Nino of Cebu by dancing the Sinulog.

This is the first of the monthly Sinulog dances that will be done at the Filipino Community of San Lorenzo.

The FCSL Volunteers had Ms. Carina Castrence as their Reyna (Queen) that holds the Santo Nino all throughout the dance.

The dance routine was polished by Ms. Emma Hernandez.

Indeed the Sinulog is a beautiful blend of prayer and culture.

The contingent first danced at the Piazza San Lorenzo to the delight of tourists and locals alike. Then they went inside the Basilica of San Lorenzo to dance again inside the Basilica. Another rendition of their same dance was performed after the Mass.

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